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The Serial Ghorbaghe PART 11 aired at 8:00 PM on the 11th of Esfand. This series, which is produce in the genre of drama, mystery, and crime. It is broadcast every Monday from the same site with a restriction and age rating of +18. In this post, we are going to review the summary of the story of the eleventh episode of the frog along with its screenshots, images, photos and important videos. Join us in the continuation of this article! It begins where Ramin continues to try to persuade Soroush to help him with a plan. They want to steal drugs at Nouri’s villa and Serial Ghorbaghe part 11. Soroush, who was initially oppose to this issue, finally softened a bit and entered into a deal with him, stating that in a way.

Serial Ghorbaghe PART 11 is willing to cooperate and in fact participate in this robbery. In the next scenes, we will encounter very important flashbacks of frogs. Where it is clearly before Nouri came to power and established all this wealth and money by him. 12 years ago, and at a time when Soroush and Abad had just entered the optical organization. What happened in this acquaintance and connection between them was the story of revenge against Nouri’s father. Anyway, Nouri is now living with her younger sister, Leila, and is busy with a series of very simple businesses, until one day, when she takes her little sister, Leila, for a walk in the park, she meets strange things. This is just a cover, because Soroush inform by an interface in which a large amount of drugs embedded in the park and on the Serial Ghorbaghe PART 11.

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Genre (subject): social, criminal
Director: Houman Seyyedi
Country: Iran
Language:  Farsi

Story of Serial Ghoorbaghe 11 for United States and Germany

Which can lead to considerable wealth by stealing these cocaines. But that’s the beginning of other stories. The person whose guard is there (play by Mehran Ghafourian) seems a very simple and ordinary person. When he saw Nouri entering his guard post, he immediately attacked him and first hit him on the ground with an electric shocker. Then sprayed some round light on him, convincing him that when the police arrived. To admit that he came to this place to steal. The guard’s plan is Serial Ghorbaghe part 11. After spending a day at the police station Nouri released and then, following the guard. He found out that he had gone to the bank with a misplaced check and, while he did not have such an amount in his account, was cashing the money from Serial Ghorbaghe part 11.

Serial Ghorbaghe part 11
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Slowly Nouri realizes that the person can do amazing things with the materials he has. To this Serial Ghorbaghe part 11, this friend went to the place with a gun and he threatened to reveal it. Although it was a fake weapon and in fact a toy. The guardian, who is an awkward and weak person, confesses everything to Nouri when he was very scared. He states that the substances poured into the salt shaker are actually a type of plant called the devil’s breath (a type of drug) that is planted in Colombia and Thailand. When combined with American frog venom (in the form of skin). Dried and powdered, that particular frog delivers a substance that. When ingested or inhaled, affects each person and, when it loses its balance and normalcy, does whatever it’s supposed to. Accepts what is say and does it.

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