Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 – قسمت دهم سریال قورباغه

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Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 which is based on almost ten commandments of the Prophet Moses. In each of the ten episodes puts one of the commandments of the Jewish prophet in the heart of the crisis of Polish society in the 1390s. He emphasized that none of the stories were told exactly according to the Ten Commandments of Moses] and called one of the best series in the history of television. For all its obvious and hidden charms in the Dekalog series. The series does not seem comparable to the stunning masterpieces made by European and American television directors in recent years. The issue is not just about the incredible advancement of television and streaming services or the approach of serialization to filmmaking; Cinema has been trying to be more sensational since the mid-2010s.

Summary of Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 – قسمت دهم سریال قورباغه

Nowadays, the creators of TV series and movies have accepted that even soundtracks, expressive dialogues and hollow characterization cannot highlight a seventh art title, and it is these emotions that are of particular importance. This importance seems to be more pronounced in TV series because these titles have more opportunity to communicate with the audience. Moreover it can help them to get closer to the viewer for more minutes.

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Genre (subject): social, criminal, Drama
Director: Hooman Seyyedi
Country: Iran
Language:  Persian

Story of Serial Ghoorbaghe

Hooman Sidi has realized the importance of atmosphere and subtle conflict with the audience in the Frog series. On the other hand he seems to have forgotten that his series is not going to be an ontology series or a minor mini-series. The 10 episode of the Serial Ghoorbaghe release in a situation where this series has only ten more episodes to complete its narrative. Hooman Seydi may have decided to bring everything to an end, but keeping the audience addicted in a world where there is no sign of accurate storytelling seems a bit cruel.

Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 - قسمت دهم سریال قورباغه
Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 – قسمت دهم سریال قورباغه

Although the Serial Ghorbaghe part 10 explores an important part of the plot that complicates the previous five episodes. This attempt to unravel the story is not enough to get closer to the viewer. The relationship between the series and its viewer is interestingly similar to that of Ramin [starring Saber Abr] and Frank [starring Sahar Dolatshahi]; As much as Ramin seeks refuge with Frank only when he needs him. In addition he tries to free him when he does not need him. The Serial Ghorbaghe PART 10 decide to give this warning to the viewer. Who has been strongly influenced by the atmosphere and the suspension of the series. That this relationship does not always continue so directly.

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